Solaria Stage accepts many kinds of credit cards.

※Accepted at Shops in SOLARIA STAGE Exceptions may apply.Please ask the shop directly for details.

Opening Hours

6F CULTURE STAGE NISHITETSU HALL/ Opening hours depend on each event
5F CULTURE STAGE/INCUBE 10:00-20:30 ※Metro Book Store/10:00-21:00
4F INCUBE 10:00-20:30
3F INCUBE 10:00-20:30
M3F TENJIN TOIRO/INCUBE 10:00-20:30 ※Atelier haruka/ Reservation is possible than 8:00 in Saturday and Sunday,celebration early morning
※Saint Marc Cafe/7:00-22:00
2F TENJIN TOIRO 7:00-23:00 Opening Hours※Opening hours depend on each shop
M2F COSME&SERVICE&DRUG STAGE 10:00-20:30 ※Hakuyosha/8:00-20:30【sat・sun・holiday】10:00-20:30
1F FASHION STAGE 10:00-20:30 ※Aoyama Flower Market/10:00-21:00 ※STARBUCKS COFFEE/7:00-22:00
B1F KITCHEN STAGE 10:00-21:00 ※Reganet Tenjin/7:00-23:00 ※Brioche Dorée/8:00-22:00
B2F RESTAURANT STAGE 11:00-22:00 ※Some restaurants will open outside of the opening hours above.

Tax-free Stores

※Ask for details at each shop.